Who are we?

We are a team of avid gym goers who are passionate about fitness in all forms, especially comfortable, practical & stylish active wear. Integrity is at the centre of our design, printing and customer process, we strive for the best & never put anything on the market we haven’t tested ourselves!

Est 2019

We were established in 2019 by our founder, James.

James struggled for almost a year with life changing symptoms that eventually lead to extreme weight loss, and hospitalisation. He had spent a week in hospital before being released with the diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowl disease at the age of 28.

For those unfamiliar with IBD, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a term for two conditions (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) that are characterized by chronic inflammation of the GI. It estimated that around 1 in 450 people are diagnosed each year; it is unknow the cause of IBD and can affect perfectly healthy men and women.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination

"In 2019, my journey with Inflammatory Bowel Disease led me on an unexpected path. Weak and underweight post-hospital, I rediscovered strength through fitness and fused it with my love for design. What started as a homemade trial t-shirt idea became a journey to redefine the fitness narrative - Jay, Founder"

James, in hospital. Day 3, weighing in at 60kg getting a transfusion

The Journey continues

After a tough diagnosis and on-going treatment James set off on his journey of fitness once again. He quickly realised how little the fitness and apparel industry celebrated everyday people in their journey and he recognised the missing power of mindset within the industry. He wanted to support those people who were keen to be healthier version of themselves; but were made to feel like they couldn’t, because of cliché industry standards.

James' belief in unlocking your potential, is at the core of our mission to bring you quality gym apparel and a lasting community that makes you feel good about yourself, motivates you to follow your ambitions and of course comfortable, quality clothing.

More than just clothing

"Gymbuck isn't just about Gym apparel. Born from a personal fitness challenge, It's a mindset shift in the fitness game. It challenges industry norms and redefines expectations. When you rep Gymbuck, you're embracing an ethos, not just clothing - Jay, Founder"

More info

we won!

Fast forward to today and we have come a long way!

One of our proudest moments was winning the Theo Paphitis’ small business Sunday award. James, pictured below receiving his certificate. After Theo heard his story and his mission, we were chosen as one of the winners!

James collecting his certificate Feb 2022 – with Theo Paphitis

What's next?

Jay is now focusing on sharing his journey, in a bid to inspire and help others. He has been fortunate to be invited to speak at Universities, Radio and Podcasts to bring to life the values of Gymbuck Athletics; helping everyday people unlock their potential.

Join as we take the fitness industry head on, rewrite the rule book on what fitness looks like and encourage our future to be healthier and happier.

What's next?

"The journey doesn't end here. The 2024 Gymbuck Athletics Fitness Festival is on the horizon—where ideas become reality, a true experience of who we are, breaking fitness boundaries and opening it to more communities.

It's not about chasing millions, but about making Gymbuck a household name for fitness enthusiasts, trusted to help everyone unlock their potential. The focus? Leaving a lasting impact on the fitness community and helping create a healthier lifestyle for many"

- Jay, Founder

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